8 06 2009

Last November, I sold the condo I’d owned and lived in for 5 years, and either sold, packed up or gave away most of my remaining possessions. I condensed my life into 2 suitcases, which were transported to Seoul, South Korea by my parents, 2 months before I arrived. At the time, I had this urge to be rootless and unencumbered by the world of form. The process of packing up boxes and actually delving into all of the STUFF I had accumulated, only underscored my desire for this. I could not believe the number of things I had that I didn’t need or use. I just had them to have them.

After leaving Toronto, I travelled to Seoul, Vietnam, Cambodia, back to Seoul, then onwards to China, Laos and Thailand, before finally returning to Seoul. Those 3 months of traveling condensed life even further, as all of my possessions were forced into a 48 litre backpack. I literally became the turtle carrying it’s home on it’s back. I was unencumbered by work, a home, mortgage payments, possessions and deadlines of any sort. In fact, I couldn’t even use credit cards for most of my travels, (and I had come to realize that credit cards tie you down in the most devious of ways!)

Life was lived moment to moment. At least for a time.

We settled into Seoul at the end of February and began the process of setting down a few roots. We tried to do this in a more conscious way, purchasing only what we would really need, rather than what we thought we might need. We have much less stuff, but it’s a much cleaner and simpler existence, free of unnecessary excess.

I wasn’t sure why I started this journey…and of course, there were multiple logical reasons for taking it on. The real estate market was crashing and I had to get out, I wanted to travel, I wanted to go back to my motherland and discover my roots etc….etc….etc. Looking back now, with the gift of hindsight, it is clear to me that this journey was really about letting go, creating a void and learning how to live in a cleaner, simpler and more conscious way.

It seems to me that we are all involved in this evolutionary process, and that this economic collapse is actually the impetus for governments, corporations and ultimately every human being to undergo the process of living in a way that is more elegant, less wasteful and more harmonious.




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